Board of Directors

UpdatedTuesday April 16, 2019 bySayfco.


The General Association Committee (GAC) of SAYFCO, is comprised of the following divisions:

  • Executive Board
  • Auxillary Board

Below are the positions and 2018 elected members of each division.

To contact the Board of Directors, emails at


President Mark Mulholland
Director of Cheer Heather Fulginiti
Director of Operations Jeremy Kauffman
Director of Football Brett Crandall
Secretary Nicole Falcon
Treasurer Sean Lyonnais



Assistant Director of Football Marlon Toon
Assistant Director of Cheer OPEN
Director of Cheer Administration Diana Campos
Director of Football Equipment Erik Lee
Director of Academics OPEN
Director of Safety Michael Vinciulla
Director of Technology Greg Hylton
Director of Football Administration Robin Rose
Director of Marketing Julie Renaghan & Katie Aloisi
Director of Fields & Facilities Chris McLaughlin
Director of Fundraising and Sponsorship Jessie Lee
Assistant Director of Operation Celeste Zack
Co-Director of Merchandise Cindy Wilkinson
Co-Director of Merchandise Kristen Sheard
Director of Concessions Rebecca Edwards
Co-Director of Concessions Paula Lyonnais
Director of Finance OPEN
Director of Cheer Equipment OPEN


If you are interested in joining the board, contact us at